2012 San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers Spring Concerts

This year at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley April 27 & 28, and Spreckels Performing Arts Center Rohnert Park Sunday April 29. Tickets are still available.
Freight and Salvage and Spreckles through Brown Paper Tickets

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2012 Spring Concerts

The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers formed in 1986 to play traditional Scottish fiddle music. Members meet the third Sunday of each month in homes around the San Francisco Bay area, drawn together by our strong sense of community and delight in sharing the music we love.

Guided by our director, noted fiddler Alasdair Fraser, we draw our repertoire from the rich and enduring Scottish musical tradition. We learn contemporary tunes as well as those that have been passed down from the Highlands and Western Isles, the northeast of Scotland, and Shetland. Many tunes also come from the great Scottish fiddling tradition that flourishes in Cape Breton Island off the northeast coast of Canada.

In addition to our regular meetings and jam sessions we organize workshops, give annual concerts in the Bay Area, hold a winter fiddling retreat, and perform for special events such as fiddle rallies and Scottish Highland Games. By the way, you don’t have to be a fiddler to join: all instruments are welcome!

San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers.

Two Loose Pegs. A day at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market

We had a great time at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market on Labor Day Weekend. The weather was cool, the market packed, the people fun and friendly, and the smell of delicious food all around. What more could you ask for a Sunday morning.

Would you like to see us at your local farm market? Tell your market organizer you want Two Loose Pegs at your market. Remember: Buy Local!

Burn’s Night at Aqus Cafe

Mark your calendars! We’ll be playing for the Burn’s Night Celebration at Aqus Cafe in Petaluma on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

It was a great event last year. Superb food, good people, and lots of fun. I don’t know when tickets will be available, but it should be soon. I’ll let you know how to get yours as soon as I know. Seating is limited. Check back here for more information.

Street Performers and the city of Santa Rosa

I spent tonight at the city council meeting because I heard that they would be discussing permitting street musicians to play in the city. (…and it was hot and a really good excuse for not going to Aikido class, again. Sorry Isaiah).

Santa Rosa currently has a noise ordinance on the books that prevents playing music, or making noise with the intent to attract attention, anywhere in the city without an event permit, which would set you back $75 a day. (We found this out a couple years ago when we tried to play downtown and were greeted by police before we could take our instruments out of the cases).

The addition to the code discussed tonight would allow musicians and other street performers to obtain a free permit to play in the city as long as they obeyed some simple rules. The council voted unanimously, with one member absent, to approve the new permit. Aaron spent a lot of time working to get this done. (See Bohemian article here).

On the whole this is a lot better that the previous ordinance, if you can ignore the fact that we’re being asked to give up our first amendment right for the privilege of applying for a permit to express ourselves.