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La Bruxa

When I first started playing fiddle at the Sonoma county sessions Roxanne used to play this tune on her accordion. I happened to get a hand written copy of the sheet music from my fiddle teacher (Janette Duncan). I found the copy last year and started playing the tune, the melody is so haunting it runs through my head constantly. I know it was recently taught at sierra camp, and the rumor is a certain fiddle and cello player have recorded it for there next CD. Please learn this tune so I have someone to play it with.

Isaiah Wisdom

Here’s a pdf of the sheet music: La Bruxa

Here’s a sample of the melody with guitar:

[audio:|titles=La Bruxa|artists=Two Loose Pegs]

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Two Loose Pegs, in the studio

The rumors and buzz on the street are true. We have started recording our first CD (very exciting). Look for audio samples soon. If all goes well we should have a release date just before the holiday shopping season (wink, hint, nudge, nudge).